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Despite the pressing demands of today’s consumer-centric marketplace, enable your teams to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences in real time. Konnectofy will help you do that by rapidly integrating your systems and processes throughout the customer lifecycle.
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Implement faster issue resolutions
Deliver easy access to fixes for common problems
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Use Case

Help Desk- CRM Integration for Customer Support

Ticket Management

Integrating the CRM with a help desk software enables the seamless transfer of support tickets between the two. When a ticket is raised by a customer, a corresponding one is automatically created in the CRM, so support teams can access and manage tickets conveniently within their CRM workflow.

Customer Information Access

Support agents get access to relevant customer information sourced from the CRM within the help desk software. Profiles can then be linked to the appropriate support tickets, so agents get the whole picture of the customer details, previous interactions, purchase history, and other useful information. This allows them to provide more efficient and personalized support to customers.

Ticket Status and Updates

With the help desk software and the CRM system in sync, any updates to tickets are reflected on both platforms in real time. This ensures that the information on ticket progress is up to date wherever the support agents may access it.

Knowledge Base Integration

The integration facilitates easy access to the company’s knowledge base from the help desk software as well. Support agents can retrieve relevant articles, documentation, and FAQs from the CRM database via the help desk software. This speeds up resolution times and maintains consistent information sharing across the support team.

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Customer Communication Tracking

All communication history is captured and recorded within the CRM system, such as emails, chat logs, and phone calls between agents and customers. Each of these is also associated with the particular customer who raised each ticket. Support agents then have access to a comprehensive and centralized view of all customer interactions, preventing communication hitches or mishaps.

Interface - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesInterface - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX TemplatesInterface - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Customer satisfaction data and feedback is also collected and recorded through the integration of the two platforms. When a ticket is resolved, support agents can trigger immediate feedback surveys or rating pop-ups from the CRM. This data provides insights about performance and customer satisfaction, identifies areas of improvement and opportunities to enhance the customer support process.