Data-Powered Marketing Automation

Step up your marketing efforts with social media marketing and CRM integrations, lead generation, targeted campaigns, and more smart solutions.
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Use Case

CRM-Social Media Management Integration

Targeted Social Media Advertising

This integration enables the CRM software to sync customer data with the social media management tool. Marketing teams can then design targeted advertising campaigns on social media, and reach specific customer segments based on their previous engagement, purchase history, and profile. 

Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

Marketers can directly monitor their social media performance on various platforms from the CRM software. By tracking metrics like mentions, likes, comments, and discussions surrounding their brand, marketing teams can understand their customer needs better. Armed with this information, they can go on to engage more effectively, resolve pressing issues, and forge stronger customer relationships

Social Media Campaign Tracking

Marketing teams can track and analyze the effectiveness of their social media campaigns just by checking the CRM software. By monitoring useful metrics like likes, shares, comments, and so on, they can get an idea of the impact of social media on lead generation and sales conversions, and modify future strategies and resource allocation accordingly

Lead Generation

Generating leads is faster and easier with an integrated CRM and social media tool. Marketers can source leads directly from social media by tracking interactions and engagement, and send this data to the CRM. All that’s left is to nurture the lead via the sales pipeline.

Personalized Social Media Content

Synced data also means that personalizing customers’ social media content is much easier. With targeted social media posts and messaging that suits customer preferences and demographics, marketing efforts are more likely to get higher engagement and create a positive impression on customers.

Social Media Influencer Collaboration

As an extension of targeted advertising, marketers can use customer data from the CRM to identify the kinds of social media influencers whose audience would align with the target demographic. Initiating partnerships with the right influencers will create more effective marketing campaigns.