Who makes the rules? You do

Add conditional logic to your integrations and ensure data flows between your connected apps exactly how and when you need it to.

Add rules to your workflows

Personalize your automations

Make your workflows smarter and more responsive
Implement “and-or-any-all” logic to automate actions based on specific conditions
Adapt and optimize
Easily adjust rules as your business evolves. Apply rules for workflows across departments for maximum efficiency

Make your work flow

Configure with ease
Integrations that automate it all. Define rules without any coding knowledge
Set data handling protocols
It’s not complicated. Just add what you want, and the data follows your rules

Rules help you rule your world

Automate intelligently

Move beyond simple task automation. Create workflows that think and act based on the criteria you set

Gain operational insight

Get insights into workflow performance. See how data flows and identify and implement improvements effortlessly

Ensure consistency

Maintain data integrity and operational consistency across all your integrated applications. Reduce errors and save time.

Set your own ground rules