Smart Forms

Put the Form in PerFORMance

Build, customize, and deploy forms instantly with Konnectify’s form builder. Configure them according to your needs and brand and add them to your websites and workflows—no code or complication.

Streamline your processes, one form at a time

Build smart forms the way you want

Design forms in minutes with no-code Form Builder
Create custom forms from scratch with our drag-and-drop builder. Collect the exact data you need, all without writing a single line of code. No technical dependency or delays.
Stay on brand without effort
Customize every element of your forms to align with your brand’s identity. Adjust fonts, colors, layouts, and fields to make them uniquely yours. Your forms, your rules.

Integrate forms into any workflow

Link with all your essential tools
Connect your forms directly with your CRM, help desks, or marketing platforms via Konnectify workflows. Ensure data accuracy and time saved.
Automate your workflows with form data
Initiate actions from form submissions - send follow-up emails, assign tasks, update databases, and more. Reduce manual work and max out on efficiency.

Expand your reach, effortlessly

Reach all audiences
Share them how you need them. Embed your forms to various platforms - websites, emails, landing pages, etc. via iFrame or shareable links.
Make form data work for you
Smart forms aren’t just about gathering data - they grow with your businesses. Use them to capture leads, manage registrations, collect feedback, handle orders, and more.

Forms that make your work flow better

No HTML or coding issues

Anyone can build Smart Forms. Empower all your departments to create and deploy forms independently and let data flow.

Let Forms do the thinking

Move beyond just collecting data. Set up intelligent workflows that respond dynamically based on user inputs and conditions.

Ensure consistency

Maintain data integrity and operational consistency across all your integrated applications. Reduce errors and save time.

Get in form and Transform