Get hooked on efficiency with instant data flow

Say hello to instant data exchange. Send and get data from any app without writing code or managing servers. Simplify interactions across your app ecosystem with Konnectify Webhooks.

Need for speed? Hook, sync, and succeed

Make your data flow

Universal compatability
Accept GET, POST, and PUT requests from any source. Konnectify Webhooks effortlessly handles JSON, form data, or query strings, making data reception a breeze.
Tailor access to data
Choose to work with raw data, or let Konnectify refine and parse the specifics you need. We will organize your data into easily manageable fields for other apps.

Fine-tune your data

Add custom filters
Apply filters to process only the webhook events that meet your predefined criteria, ensuring your workflows act on the most relevant data.
Initiate actions across the web
Beyond receiving, Konnectify Webhooks allow you to send out API calls or relay information to other services, expanding the reach of your automations.

Unlock new potential for every app

Bridge any app gap

Webhooks let you capture data from any too, even without direct integration into your app. Don’t wait; just start automating.

Centralize your leads

Gather leads from any platform directly into Konnectify, or use outbound webhooks to send them to any app.

Distribute data easily

Receive a webhook from one service and forward it anywhere - your backend, another app, or multiple locations simultaneously.

Get off the hook. Automate today