Flawless Finance Automation

Manage purchase and sales orders, expenses, forecasting, customer payments, tax and compliance, with integrated platforms
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Use Case

CRM-IT Service Management Integration

Sales Order and Invoicing

Issuing sales orders and invoices becomes much simpler when there is a seamless transfer of data between CRM and accounting softwares. Any action taken in one system is immediately reflected in the other, eliminating manual data entry and reducing expensive errors.

Customer Payment Tracking

Payments received from the accounting side are tracked and monitored with ease since the integration updates the payment status in the CRM system as well. This gives employees a real-time view of outstanding payments and insights into improving cash flow management.

Financial Reporting

Financial data from the accounting software can easily be extracted and used to generate comprehensive financial reports within the CRM software. An analysis of sales data, revenue figures, expenses, and other financial metrics give executives a consolidated view of the company's financial performance.

Expense Management

Expense data is synced between the two platforms, which means that expense tracking, reimbursement, and expense reporting are accurate and consistent at all times.

Financial Analytics

Integrated data also allows for financial analytics to be performed using the CRM. Sales and financial data from accounting informs analyses to demonstrate metrics and trends that show profitability, revenue, and sales performance.

Tax Compliance

When accounting teams can rest assured that financial data is accurate and up to date at all times, tax compliance becomes much easier to carry out. Ensuring timely and exact tax reports and regulation compliance is now a stress-free process.