Pave your way to productivity, one path at a time

Create multidirectional workflows with Konnectify’s in-built Paths. Your workflows can take decisions and diverse actions based on the conditions you set — no code or complication.

Chart out paths that make decisions for you

Custom logic for every scenario

Let your apps make decisions
Add paths, and let your apps decide the next step in real time. Your workflows branch out like a tree, following the “if this, then that” principle. Enhance the power of your automations.
Effortless setup
No duplicating efforts or writing code. Add custom logic directly in your workflows, with flexibility that automates work smarter and more efficiently.

Streamline your operations with intuitive paths

Set precise conditions
Define the rules for each path; control what data moves where. Set multiple conditions and handle intricate workflows with precision. Accommodate various outcomes from a single trigger.
Expand your workflow’s reach
Scale your automation by adding more paths, each leading to distinct outcomes. More paths mean a broader scope of actions, making every workflow as comprehensive as it is powerful.

Every route leads to success. Make it count

Personalize communication

Automatically send targeted messages that resonate. Ensure every customer feels valued by messages that reflect their journey with Paths

Enhance lead management

Distinguish your leads effortlessly. Channel top prospects directly to your sales team while nurturing the rest through targeted email campaigns

Optimize customer support

Assign support tickets efficiently by priority, speeding up resolution time. Ensure every ticket is in the right hands with Paths

Your workflows, your way