Format data your way and let it flow

Move data from one app to another without manual formatting. With Konnectify’s in-built Formatter, your data isn’t just transferred - it’s tailored precisely to your needs. Split names, extract links, standardize formats, and more.

Extract the format you need  every time

Handle your data with precision

Customize formats as per your app needs
Reformat your data directly in your workflows without any manual effort. Ensure each piece of information is compatible with all apps with automated data formatting.
Split, extract, and convert with ease
Make your data ready for any task. Find emails, split names, extract links from content, capitalize it as needed, and more.

Go a step beyond and master data formatting

Change date and time as needed
Convert complex timestamps and dates into your preferred format and ensure seamless application flow without a break or error.
From markdown to HTML, in a click
Instantly change markdown text to HTML. Streamline content management and web publishing processes with ease.

Precision at your fingertips, at all times

Let it flow

Say goodbye to mismatched formats. Ensure data moves and adapts between apps, matching your precise formatting requirements

Layer your workflows with more efficiency

Add a step into your workflows to automatically adjust text. Save time and remove errors from your data processes

Ensure consistency

Intuitively format data with Konnectify. Ensure high standards of accuracy and consistency across your tech stack.

Get your data in shape today